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The following are some important tweets of Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Asia’s & India’s leading authority on Cyberlaw, on various aspects of Cybersecurity:

#cybersecurity issue being discussed as to whether India needs to be careful of bogey of best practices Thu Jul 31 05:33:15 +0000 2014

#Cyberlaw #cybercrime India needs a distinct cybersecurity legislation urgently, given today”s scenario Thu Jul 31 05:28:31 +0000 2014

#cyberlaw #cybersecurity #cybercrime @prasanto mesmerizing the audience with his brilliant keynote address_ FICCI Conference on IT Security Wed Jul 30 05:59:48 +0000 2014

#cyberlaw #cybersecurity #cybercrime am at the dias at the inaugural session of FICCI Conference on IT Security at Jaipur Wed Jul 30 05:57:37 +0000 2014

Loopholes in Aadhaar: Lax security measures seen in enrolment – The Economic Times #cyberlaw #cybercrime Sun Jul 27 15:16:06 +0000 2014

#cybersecurity Speaking at the Panel discussion on Safeguarding the Digital Economy at New Delhi with other distinguished personalities Thu Jul 31 04:29:38 +0000 2014

#cyberlaw #cybersecurity Daily Mail quotes me in “America gave NSA permission to spy on BJP, claims Edward Snowden” Wed Jul 02 02:38:56 +0000 2014

RT @mixorgteam: #SecureCyber #CyberLaw: UK turning serious towards cyber crimes and in enforcing strong cyber laws. Now cyber… http://t.… Sun Jun 08 07:21:57 +0000 2014

RT @Reddit4KP: US tech giants knew of NSA data collection – NSA general counsel contradicts mont [… Fri Mar 21 08:40:41 +0000 2014

RT @CyberExaminer: #cybersecurity Attackers Hit Clearinghouse Selling Stolen Target Data #infosec Tue Mar 18 18:53:25 +0000 2014

RT @ICSISAC: #NATO #websites hit in #cyber attack over Crimea stance #cybersecurity #cyberwarfare Tue Mar 18 18:53:07 +0000 2014

@CamilleEsq was speaking on the subject of contracting in cyber attack sitns at ABA international conference in New Delhi in mid February. Tue Mar 18 18:30:27 +0000 2014

RT @seapabkk: #Cambodia – Amanda and Piseth share concerns abt lack of transparency n

RT @CyberDomain: Cyberspace and the Use of Force – #Cyber #Security #Hacker ##Military #Attack #CyberLaw Tue Mar 18 18:20:32 +0000 2014

RT @CamilleEsq: Are you contracting for cyber attacks? #cyberlaw #cybersecurity Mon Mar 17 13:58:40 +0000 2014

RT @TritiaPOCCI: INTERNET: Governments Pwn the Web: A Constitutional Right to IT-Security? (3/18); Troll Wr… #inte… Sun Mar 16 17:05:15 +0000 2014
RT @CTO_ICT: ITU, Facebook, BT, Telefónica, ICANN and others to discuss cybersecurity solutions – CTO Cybersecurity Forum 2014… Tue Mar 04 18:15:05 +0000 2014

RT @CTO_ICT: ITU, Facebook, BT, Telefónica, ICANN and others to discuss cybersecurity solutions – CTO Cybersecurity Forum 2014… Tue Mar 04 18:15:05 +0000 2014

RT @CTO_ICT: develop national #cybersecurity plans with @ICANN @facebook @bt_uk @ the Commonwealth #cybersecurity Forum… Tue Mar 04 18:14:58 +0000 2014

RT @BabyLegalEagle: Europe needs NSA-proof internet, says Germany. #cyberlaw #privacy Tue Feb 25 16:24:34 +0000 2014

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.Till such time it’s not effectively repelled, cyber war is going 2 be huge challenge 2 national security Thu Mar 14 13:53:21 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.So cyber war is no longer something that is distinct on the horizon, it is already on the door of India Thu Mar 14 13:52:22 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.nations have to be alive that their next war could not be fought on the ground but in cyber space Thu Mar 14 13:52:07 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity India needs not to be reactive but proactive in its approaches and responses to such challenges Thu Mar 14 13:51:55 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.Its time, India shud officially constitute a cyber army to help specifically repel such cyber attacks Thu Mar 14 13:51:39 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.India still does not have a cyber army in place Thu Mar 14 13:50:37 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity human due diligence can help prevent large number of unauthorized breaches of cyber security Thu Mar 14 13:50:27 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.We need to have strong cyber security policies and effectively beef up our cyber security Thu Mar 14 13:50:13 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.We need 2 ensure-cyber security needs 2 be updated on weekly,daily basis at govt levels on govt networks Thu Mar 14 13:50:03 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.Focus has to be in adopting a proactive approach in enhancing cyber security Thu Mar 14 13:49:07 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.We hve 2 realize that present cyber attack is possibly biggest in Indian history, but definitely not last Thu Mar 14 13:48:56 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.There’s no mention of cyber war & it’s time laws need to be updated in order to overcome such challenges Thu Mar 14 13:48:19 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.But cyber war as a phenomenon, as offence- completely missing from Indian Information Technology Act,2000 Thu Mar 14 13:47:53 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.Recent DRDO hacking incident is manifestation of cyber war that is happening against India Thu Mar 14 13:47:20 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.We need to strengthen Indian Cyberlaw because it is deficient, when it comes to cyber war challenges Thu Mar 14 13:47:10 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.Loopholes in existing security paradigms of governmental networks need to be identified Thu Mar 14 13:46:58 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.1st priority for Govt-ensure security on Govt websites/networks,Critical Info.Infrastructure-be beefed up Thu Mar 14 13:46:48 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.Security-not a 1-time solution bt paradigm tht needs const.updating & is const. changing as v move ahead Thu Mar 14 13:45:53 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.Shud such hacking attacks take place,India should be able to instantaneously repel these kinds of attacks Thu Mar 14 13:44:12 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.India requires dedicated cyber army to effectively safeguard India’s sovereign interests in cyber space Thu Mar 14 13:43:04 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.It needs to inculcate cybersecurity as a way of life and culture amongst all relevant stakeholders Thu Mar 14 13:42:42 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity India needs to evolve its own strategy on how to protect its cyber security Thu Mar 14 13:42:31 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #cybersecurity.India-not learnt from experiences of Estonia, whose economy effectively was shut down by hackers in 2007 Thu Mar 14 13:42:21 +0000 2013

#cyberattack #ITAct #cyberlaw.Not only Government but also private sector has to contribute in cyber security Thu Mar 14 13:41:01 +0000 2013

#cyberattack #ITAct #cyberlaw.Security must be incorporated as way of life among relevant stakeholders in digital, mobile ecosystem in India Thu Mar 14 13:40:52 +0000 2013

#cyberattack #ITAct #cyberlaw.Having appropriate institutionalized Cyber Armies can protect sovereign interests of countries in cyberspace Thu Mar 14 13:40:40 +0000 2013

#cyberattack #ITAct #cyberlaw.Indian Cyberlaw is not that effective to deal with cyber security breaches Thu Mar 14 13:36:49 +0000 2013

#cyberattack #ITAct #cyberlaw.Breach of cyber security has to be taken on a very serious level Thu Mar 14 13:36:40 +0000 2013

#cyberattack #ITAct #cyberlaw.There are no reported convictions of breach of cyber security and protected systems Thu Mar 14 13:36:29 +0000 2013

#cyberattack #ITAct #cyberlaw.India’s seen few reported cases of breach of protected system or Critical Info Infrastructure Thu Mar 14 13:36:18 +0000 2013

#cyberattack #ITAct #cyberlaw.Few systems in country hve been officially notified by Govt as protected systems, as per info in public domain Thu Mar 14 13:35:40 +0000 2013

#cyberattack #ITAct #cyberlaw.Indian Cyberlaw provides for provision for Govt to declare any system to be a protected system Thu Mar 14 13:35:20 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #hacking.As of today , India still does not have a national policy on cyber security Wed Mar 13 14:38:54 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #hacking.This hacking incident should serve as wakeup call for India to start giving top priority to cyber security Wed Mar 13 14:38:23 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #hacking.This hacking incident is unprecedented in the annals of Indian cyber security history Wed Mar 13 14:37:53 +0000 2013

#cyberlaw #cyberwar #hacking.Creates destabilizing effect in peoples’ minds implying data, information, networks r not secure Wed Mar 13 14:23:48 +0000 2013

RT @firstpostin: DRDO computers ‘hacked’, Chinese groups suspected Wed Mar 13 14:21:21 +0000 2013

RT @ibnlive: DRDO computers ‘hacked’, probe on Wed Mar 13 14:21:01 +0000 2013

RT @MeetChina: #China Need to have national policy on cyber security- Pawan Duggal: A successful Chinese … via … Wed Mar 13 14:19:57 +0000 2013

RT @ISCSP_ORG: #cyber #ict #policy ‘Need to have national policy on cyber security’- Pawan Duggal: New Delhi, Mar 13 (ANI): A… http:// … Wed Mar 13 14:19:39 +0000 2013

RT @SecMash: ‘Need to have national policy on cyber security’- Pawan Duggal – TruthDive #InfoSec Wed Mar 13 14:19:33 +0000 2013

Pavan Duggal: “We need to have a national policy on cyber security” #storify Wed Mar 13 11:39:43 +0000 2013

#cyberattack every organization today could be targeted in a cyber attack. Concept of safety relative and needs to be constantly updated Thu Jan 31 16:26:56 +0000 2013

#NYTattacks attacks breaching cybersecurity are likely to be flavour of the times as orgnaizations and nations need to wake up Thu Jan 31 16:20:59 +0000 2013

#NYTattacks these attacks signal the dawn of a new era- where cyber security will have to be adopted as a way of life henceforth Thu Jan 31 16:16:15 +0000 2013

#nytattacks New York TImes attacks – a wake up call for beefing cyber security at national, regional , local and organizational levels Thu Jan 31 16:13:05 +0000 2013

#cyberseciurity #ITAct Suresh Venkat of CNBC conducted the panel discussion on information security and legal aspects very impressively Fri Nov 30 16:37:37 +0000 2012

#cybersecurity enjoyed speaking today at Symantec I security summit at Mumbai on various legal challenges concerning information security Fri Nov 30 16:34:21 +0000 2012

#cybersecurityculture We need to inculcate a culture of cybersecurity as a way of life for the relevant stakeholders in India Sun Dec 05 13:17:06 +0000 2010

#cybersecurity Protection and maintenance of Cybersecurity requires far more enabling legal previsions , and not lip service Sun Dec 05 12:41:07 +0000 2010

#cyberlaw&security Post 26/11/ attacks, the Indian cyberlaw was amended to incorporate limited provisions to cyber security Sun Dec 05 12:39:41 +0000 2010

#cybersecuritylaw India does not have a dedicated law on cyber security , the need for which is urgently felt Sun Dec 05 12:37:05 +0000 2010

#cybersecurity There is a need to rework upon and enhance the security of a majority of sensitive governmental websites in India Sun Dec 05 12:34:20 +0000 2010

#cybersecurity CBI hacking demonstrates the fact that Indian cybersecurity is not up to the mark. and lot of work needs to be done Sun Dec 05 12:32:52 +0000 2010

#cybersecurity CBI hacking is a wakeup call for the governemtn of India Sun Dec 05 12:31:22 +0000 2010

#cybersovereignty CBI hacking indicates an attack targeted at Indian governmental networks and sovereignty Sun Dec 05 12:27:21 +0000 2010

#cybersecurity jurisprudence growth in the year 2010 across the world is concerned. Fri Jan 01 01:45:20 +0000 2010

#cybersecurity Information security & cyber security will continue to be major thrust areas as far as growth of Cyberlaw Fri Jan 01 01:44:57 +0000 2010

#cybersecurity I am pleasantly surprised at the number of questions on what I spoke here on the legal issues relating to cyber security Thu Sep 24 08:49:55 +0000 2009

#cybersecuritylaw having a flexible legislation on cybesecurity has to be the need of the hour. This is so as we cannot predict the future Thu Sep 24 05:22:01 +0000 2009

#cybersecuritylaw encryption is another ticklish and complicated legal issue pertaining to cyber security Thu Sep 24 05:12:07 +0000 2009

#cybersecuritylaw identity theft, botnets are the new flavours of the season in terms of new emerging cybercrimes Thu Sep 24 05:11:29 +0000 2009

#cybersecuritylaw It is very important for the countries to have robust legislations on cyber security Thu Sep 24 05:10:50 +0000 2009

#cybersecuritylaw The ITU has come up with a guide on cybercrime for developing countries Thu Sep 24 05:08:27 +0000 2009

#cybersecuritylaw There is a need for far greater proactive legal action by the countries in the area of cyber security Thu Sep 24 05:07:50 +0000 2009
#cybersecuritylaw Differences in approaches taken by countries in this regard have complicated the global legal response to cybersecurity Thu Sep 24 05:04:18 +0000 2009

#cybersecurity The international approaches towards cybercrimes is only focussing on core offences Thu Sep 24 05:03:01 +0000 2009

#cybersecurity I am about to talk about the Indian legal approach to cyber security Thu Sep 24 05:01:59 +0000 2009

#cybersecurity I have been invited by the ITU as a keynote speaker at this event Thu Sep 24 05:01:16 +0000 2009

#cyber security I am here at the Regional Cybersecurity Forum at Hyderabad this morning. Thu Sep 24 05:00:27 +0000 2009

#cybersecurity India lacks a documented national policy on Cyber security, as per information in the public domain Thu Apr 02 10:50:09 +0000 2009