Cyber Security News


AT&T, Accenture, Nokia Invest $23 Million in Cybersecurity Startup-Creator

BlackBerry acquires cybersecurity consultancy Encription

BlackBerry Buys UK’s Encription To Kickstart A New Cybersecurity Consultancy

Businesses need to place higher priority on cyber security

California Officials Look For Ways To Improve Cybersecurity

College Hackers Compete to Shine Spotlight on Cybersecurity

FDA issues cybersecurity guidance on medical devices

FDA outlines cybersecurity recommendations for medical device manufacturers

Federal Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act signed into law 

FireEye Buys Cybersecurity Firm for $200 Million

‘Hack the Pentagon’ cybersecurity test launched by U.S. Defense Department

Inslee announces measures to strengthen cyber security and digital privacy 

Israeli Team8 raises $23M to build top tier global cyber security syndicate

Israel’s Team8 raises another $23 million for cyber security firms

LA Hospital Ransomware Attack Worries Cybersecurity Experts 

Microsoft steps up game on cybersecurity issues 

Obama names former national security adviser to cybersecurity commission

Obama wants more cybersecurity funding and a federal CISO

Obama’s New Cybersecurity Plan Sticks to the Most Basic Basics

Obama’s cyber security plan puts spotlight on users

Only Half Of Companies Are Confident In Their Cyber-Security

Opinion: $19 billion alone won’t fix Washington’s cybersecurity problem 

Opinion: Cybersecurity needs less talk, more action 

Password Security Is So Bad, President Obama Weighs In

Pentagon Launches Bug Bounty Program To Improve US Government Cybersecurity

Pentagon seeks hackers to test Defense Department’s cybersecurity

Ready, Set, Hack: College Students Compete in Cybersecurity Project

Stovepipes at DHS stymie cybersecurity efforts, says Johnson

Team8 Builds World’s Strongest Cybersecurity Syndicate; Raises an Additional $US23 Million Strategic Investment Round

Team8 Cyber Security Group Grabs $23 Million Series B

Team8 on Track to Build 5 Cybersecurity Companies by 2020 

USC Launches Cybersecurity Effort to Better Protect Your Information

Washington State Announces Federal Cybersecurity Partnership, Office of Privacy and Data Protection

White House Appoints Two to Lead Cybersecurity Group 

White House seeks its first ever chief information security officer 

Hardware is hot in cybersecurity

Majority CEOs unwilling to share cybersecurity information with outsiders

Critical manufacturers under constant cyber security threat 

South Korea increases cybersecurity alert: Yonhap

You’re not the boss of me: Cybersecurity pros fear government overreach in iPhone fight

SWIFT to Warn Banks on Cybersecurity

Bangladesh $81mn heist: Cyber security expert goes missing after criticising bank’s ‘apathy’

Cyber security top priority: BB chief

Bangladesh gets FBI help on bank heist, cyber expert missing

Australia’s new data breach disclosure laws have a rather floppy definition of ‘breach’

Bank informs RBI of security breach: Axis suffers cyber attack, hires EY to probe damage

How Europe Can Fight Cyber Attacks (And Win)

Clinton vs Trump: Here’s How Symantec Simulated a Cyberattack on US Presidential Election

New FBI release on Clinton email probe refers to ‘Shadow Government’

India needs to counter cyber attacks by Pakistan: Experts

Internet providers claim cyber attack, to meet senior cop

The CIA is Preparing for a Major Cyberattack Against Russia

Laws to tighten privacy after data breach

TalkTalk hit with record fine for cyber attack

SEC May Use Yahoo Case to Set Data Breach Disclosure Rules

Yahoo, LinkedIn, Apple iCloud: 10 Big Data Breaches

“Hacked” e-mail account of White House worker exposed in 2013 password breach

Couple’s bank account drained by thieves using recent Wendy’s data breach

Yahoo says 500 million accounts stolen

Michelle Obama data breach: purported scan of first lady’s passport appears online

Trump Organization’s ‘problematic’ cybersecurity risks email hack — report

Canada’s cybersecurity strategy is anemic: expert

Cybersecurity Stocks’ Q3 Results: What to Look For

Smart Grids Aren’t Secure, Survey Says

Cloud Security Replacing Cybersecurity Industry, Says Analyst

Slovak Finance Ministry drafts country’s first cybersecurity law

Workers in London’s financial centre are being bombarded with ransomware

These free ransomware decryption tools have rescued data from 2,500 locked devices

European ransomware initiative gains 13 new member countries

Ransomware scam being spread through fake bill

Kaspersky Cybersecurity: Strengthening govt initiatives, enterprise and cyber insurance

Chief Economic Advisor’s twitter account hacked

New draft of cyber response plan nearly ready for release

US and Russia headed for new cold war

The Cyber-War on Wikileaks

China’s Cyber And Trade War: Its Threat To National Security

Cybercrime and Fraud Cost UK £10.9 Billion in a Year

Cybercrime as a Service: Europol Hints at Militants Using Darknet

Cyber crime in South Africa – top of the agenda for CFOs

G7 Nations Plan To Team Up To Tackle Financial Cybercrime

Cyber crime cell for ransomware cases soon

European ATM cyber-attacks up 28%, those using dynamite up 30%

Smart home devices used in cyberattack on tech writer’s site

Teenager appears in court over TalkTalk cyber-attack

German politicians faced cyberattack: report

N-power plant disrupted by cyber attack, says IAEA

UK finance groups face surge in cyber attacks

Air Force general: F-16s may be vulnerable to cyber attack

Two Teenagers Arrested for Massive Cyber Attack that Targeted Illinois Businesses

Hackers Hijack ‘Smart Devices’ for Huge Cyberattack

Hacked by your fridge: the Internet of Things could spark a new wave of cyber attacks

BAE Systems: A cyber attack could cost your business £1 million

Singapore sees spike in number of cyberattack-for-ransom cases

German military carried out first foreign cyber-attack in Afghan hostage op – report

The dark web marketplace where you can buy 200 million Yahoo accounts is under cyberattack

Medical Devices Are Vulnerable to Cyberattack

Energy sector sees increase in cyber-attacks

Virtual Safety: Cyber security in AR/VR games

FBI probes hacks targeting phones of Democratic Party officials: sources

Australian Bureau of Meteorology hacked by foreign spies, cybersecurity report reveals

India lacks laws to protect customers of digital transactions: Experts

Security concerns on transactions increase as residents go cashless

Jamia organises seminar on cyber crime

‘Go digital’ drive brought cyber security to the fore in India

‘Why were stricter laws not invoked against café owners?’

Bringing cyber security to the fore

No laws in India to protect customers if they lose money during digital transactions

Indian Android smartphone are at data theft risk: Experts

Dev 360: To go cashless, win people’s trust first

Go Digital Drive Brought Cyber Security To The Fore In India

Delhi cops to get ‘one touch’ internet monitoring system

Indian Android smartphone users too at data theft risk: Experts

Lurking danger

Cyber security is a major concern in transactions

Cyber Security: How Rahul, Congress Twitter accounts may have been hacked

Delhi student suffers revenge porn nightmare after jilted lover posts pictures on porn site and Government department makes her wait 16 DAYS before taking them down

Cyber crimes: Centre may soon come out with rules to validate electronic evidence

Cybercrime-as-a-service a growing threat to India: Experts

How safe are our CCTV cameras?

India to finally get electronic evidence authenticators

Data privacy back in spotlight

Cops must widen probe to show zero tolerance to child porn: Legal eagles

Ugly face of touch-up apps: Police warns the commonly used photo editing software could steal users’ identity and private information

‘Pentagon Was Hacked Too’: Piyush Goyal On Security For Digital Payments

Pavan Duggal on why Indian banks lose the security plot

Local court invokes annulled Sec 66A to convict a man 

11,592 cases of cyber crime registered in India in 2015: NCRB

Lack of privacy law reason behind WhatsApp petition

Aadhaar legal tangle: Govt can be taken to task for contempt of court; experts wonder why SC didn’t

Aadhaar Act needs a relook from the security and privacy aspect, to avoid mistakes made with the IT Act

Cyber-law inadequacies pose challenges for all

India needs better legal framework for electronic health records

Common Man Is Asking For Accountability’, Says Pavan Duggal

Nasscom chief saying full data protection isn’t possible should wake us from our digital slumber

Post demonetization: Era of cyber law and security

Govt must declare computer systems as ‘protected’

Hackers take payment e-commerce firms for a ride

E-evidence gradually becomes a crucial part of prosecution

Was Westmister terrorist guided by a mastermind? Killer’s phone was STILL connected to another on Whatsapp when he died raising fears he was taking instructions

The big national security versus privacy debate

Taking stock of trump’s cybersecurity executive order so far

Balancing cyber security with data confidentiality

Commonwealth Bank to outsource cybersecurity to save money

Government mandates all ministries to spend 10% of IT budgets on cyber security: Report

Microsoft says every enterprise should have a plan for when cybersecurity fails

Study: Even the Australian C-Suite flouts cybersecurity policies

Washington County board hears about cybersecurity threats

The Haves And Have-Nots In Cybersecurity: How Your Company Can Level The Playing Field

Three Reasons Why The Cybersecurity Industry May Never Catch Up To Cybercrime

NAIC cyber security model law hews to New York state’s standard

Our spy agencies know less about cybersecurity than the Daily Mail

Cybersecurity workshop set for small businesses

Cybersecurity And You: Does Size Matter?

Companies should treat cybersecurity as a matter of ethics

Indian Government Mandates Cyber Security Standards for Phone Makers