Dr. Dayanath Jayasuriya



Dr. Dayanath Jayasuriya, Senior state counsel to the attorney-general in Sri Lanka and  Director-General, Securities and Exchange Commission and the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka

Dr Dayanath Jayasuriya LL.B.; Ph.D.; FICA (U.K.); Hony FSASL (U.K.); MSID (Singapore); and Attorney-at-Law spent ten years in the Attorney-General’s Office in Sri Lanka where he appeared in many important financial services law cases and thereafter was out of the country for more than 25 years working for the United Nations and its specialized agencies in Geneva, Vienna, Bangkok, New Delhi and Islamabad. Returning to Sri Lanka in 2000, he was appointed as the Director General and C.E.O. of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka and held these posts until 2003; in 2004 he was appointed as the Chairman of both these agencies. He is the Founder Chairman of the South Asian Insurance Regulators’ Forum. In 2005 he hosted in Sri Lanka the IOSCO Annual Conference and served as the Chairman of the IOSCO President’s Committee. Under his Chairmanship IOSCO adopted a series of major recommendations for the future direction of IOSCO and the regulation of capital markets.

In February 2010 Dr Jayasuriya took ‘silk’ as a President’s Counsel (previously Q.C.) of Sri Lanka.

Dr Jayasuriya’s assignments for the United Nations have included that as the Chief Technical Adviser to the United Nations International Drug Control Programme and as the head of the UNAIDS Secretariat in Pakistan. He served as a member of the UN Expert Panel for the drafting of model anti money laundering legislation. He has been a consultant to W.H.O.; UNDP; UNEP; UNODC; UNESCO; ADB etc. to over 25 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, South America and the Pacific.

From 2007- 2008 Dr Jayasuriya was based in Singapore as the Regional Director (Academic Affairs) of the International Compliance Association, U.K. and conducted one year training programmes in compliance and AML for bankers, stock brokers, fund managers etc.

Currently he is the Managing Partner of the newly established Corporate Governance Advisory Services Pte Ltd.- a consultancy firm registered in Singapore specialising in the area of corporate governance advisory services for companies in Asia and the Middle-east. He also serves as an arbitrator and as an adviser to various firms and professional associations.

He has written more than 20 books, 25 monographs and published over 200 articles. His publications cover corporate governance, commercial law, money laundering and terrorist financing, compliance and regulatory risks, stock market operations, corporate governance and several other issues of concern to banks and other financial institutions. He is on the editorial board of several British journals such as The Company Lawyer, Journal of Financial Crime, Journal of Money Laundering Control and Journal of Qualitative Research in Financial Markets.

As a Visiting Professor of Law at the University of the Free State in South Africa (2007-2013) he teaches subjects such as Corporate Governance and Financial Crime and supervises students. He has lectured at Harvard University, Boston (where he was a Visiting Scholar); University of London; Cambridge University: University of Sydney; University of Tasmania: University of Montreal: Delaware Law School etc. He is a Distinguished Visitor at the Georgetown Law School, Washington D.C. for 2008-2011. He has been a guest speaker at the annual Symposium on Economic Crime at Jesus College Cambridge for the past 15 years on subjects such as corporate governance, corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption. Dr Jayasuriya has trained Judges, regulators, bankers, company lawyers, company directors etc. in many countries around the world.

Dr Jayasuriya is a director of the International Financing Facility for Immunisation Co.(IFFIMCo), the third largest charity in the United Kingdom, which has raised over US $ 2.5 billion through the sale of triple-A rated bonds in global capital markets. Funds have been raised against pledges of developed countries (e.g. U.K.; France; Norway; Italy; Spain; Sweden; South Africa) for immunization programmes. He is a member of its Audit Committee.

In Sri Lanka Dr Jayasuriya has served as a Director of the Public Utilities Commission; the Public Enterprises Reform Commission; National Procurement Agency and as a Trustee of the Construction and Guarantee Fund. He has extensive experience in dealing with infrastructure projects from the point of view of both financing as well as regulation.