Dr. L S Spedding


Linda Speeding

Dr. L S Spedding, LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., Ph.D.
Solicitor (England &Wales), Attorney (USA) and Advocate (India)

Key Qualifications: Over 27 years of experience and legal practice in national, European and international law. Author of international guides and handbooks; www.lindaspedding.org

Dr Spedding’s experience encompasses constitutional law, European law, copyright law, corporate advice, due diligence and corporate governance, joint ventures, Reputation Risk management, project finance, drafting contracts and agreements, consultancy agreements and technology transfer.

 Based in London, she specialises as an independent legal adviser in international law.  She has advised on sustainability, including environmental and energy policies, CSR and corporate responsibility over many years to enable organisations to integrate these concepts to improve performance within the organisations and achieve a sound reputation.  This has included drafting policies on preventing economic crime and other risk management priorities in today’s technology driven world.Dr. Spedding has extensive experience in and knowledge of international and comparative developed and developing regulatory regimes. She has assisted with particular regulatory drafting needs, as well as implementation and enforcement aspects in various jurisdictions.