Mr. Rakesh Kharwal



Rakesh Kharwal, Director- Enterprise Business at Intel Security

Rakesh, who currently is Director- Enterprise Business at Intel security, has spent over 2 decades in the IT industry in Sales & Marketing. During these years he has been instrumental in helping Govt. organizations & corporates adopt IT& automate their business processes. He has helped organizations with designing hardware & networking solutions, eBusiness process consulting, custom software development & related services to improve their productivity and customer focus.

 In the last decade, he has been engagedin the IT security domain, where he has seen the industry grow from offering basic Antivirus& Firewall solutions to today’s full- fledged security connected offerings to mitigate risks from ever evolving sophisticated & targeted attacks. He takes a lot of pride in being a key player to start the first “CISO Forum” to drive security awareness across the various sectors in India about 8 years back. He ran successful campaigns to build security awareness among IT Professionals, Developers on secure code writing. He also organized consumer awareness weeks in partnership with Govt. bodies to help children stay safe online. Apart from driving awareness, he has also helped lot of govt. organizations move up the value chain in regard to optimizing their IT security.

 He very passionately continues to engage with Corporates, PSU’s in the critical Infrastructure space &Key govt. agencies responsible for driving cyber security in India, as a trusted advisor.