Mr. Timo Kansil



Timo Kansil, Head of Department for International Cooperation, The National Police of the Netherlands

Appointed in 2012 as Head of the Department of International Police Cooperation of the Netherlands National Police, Timo Kansil was the first to hold this position. His department supports the Commissioner in bringing into effect the new strategy on international cooperation of the national police. It assists in policy-making and helps to achieve this within the force. Together with the Ministry of Security and Justice and parties such as the Public Prosecutor a jointly decided course of action is determined followed by agreements with foreign partners (national police forces, Europol and Interpol) on how to achieve results. Furthermore, Kansil currently chairs the Interpol Working Group on the Global Complex for Innovation. In joint cooperation with Interpol, the Working Group comprising of 38 countries endeavours to develop a new branch of the organisation in Singapore.

Previous to his current position, Kansil served as Head of Strategy and Policy at the National Police Agency. He held responsibility for national and international information exchange and strategic intelligence. Prior to this, he was employed at the National Police Institute where he was appointed Chief of Staff to the Chief Commissioner entrusted with the Netherlands EU presidency in 2004. In that function, he cooperated in establishing among European police commissioners a system whereby operational policies between EU countries could be implemented and carried out more effectively. At the start of his career, he held position as Senior Advisor at the Dutch Ministry of the Interior.

Kansil has established a reputation for bringing forward and developing a plan that offers perspective in a complex situation. He has built a vast and trustworthy international network, and has a developed sense of politically strategic dynamic. In addition to being the author of several scientific publications and regularly contributing articles on the police, he is an active member of two think-tanks. As from 2004, he conducts trainings and gives lectures at institutions, which include the Netherlands Clingendael Institute of International Relations, the University of Utrecht, the School of Police Leadership and the Romanian Police. Timo Kansil holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the UvA University of Amsterdam and has received executive education at several international schools including: Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, USA; University of Navarra, IESE Business School, Spain; London Business School, UK.