Christopher J Novak



Christopher J Novak,  Director, Global Investigative Response, Verizon

Mr.Christopher J Novak is a co-founder and Managing Principal of the Verizon Investigative Response Unit. He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Investigative Response and Computer Forensics. He has been involved with information security for over a dozen years. Mr. Novak has assisted corporations, government agencies, and attorneys with all matters involving computer forensics, fraud investigations, and computer security incident response matters. He has been certified in various jurisdictions as an expert witness and has testified in both civil litigation and criminal prosecutions. He has been an advisor on dozens of high-profile cases around the globe. He works closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as joint investigative operations coordinated with foreign law enforcement.

Mr. Novak is an active public speaker, discussing various topics ranging from high-level best practices to executive-level crisis management. He has been a co-author of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report since its first publication in 2008 and has been featured in such media outlets as The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, American Banker, and others. Mr. Novak is an active member among multiple industry trade groups and a frequent guest lecturer at universities. He also serves on the Board of Directors and Advisors for many industry-related associations in an effort to further promote awareness and education. Mr. Novak holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.