Peter Reijnders


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Peter Reijnders, Dutch Police

Born and raised in Maastricht, the Netherlands, Peter Reijnders (57) has been working for the Dutch Police in different fields of work both nationally and internationally.

His career includes setting up a new multidiscipline National Unit Synthetic Drugs (USD);

As a Counselor for the Netherlands Ministries of the Interior and of Justice, Peter worked as a police-counsellor to facilitate cooperation between Police and Justice affiliated with the Dutch embassies in Brussels and Luxembourg  in the field of security, cross-border cooperation and crisis management;

 Peter was national project manager for the 2008 European Football Championship in Switzerland;

For the last seven years, Peter has been working as the National Program Manager of the National Reinforcement Program against Child Abuse (Images). In cooperation with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and under the guidance of the responsible Chief Constable, Peter has been responsible for building up a new multidisciplinary National Child Abuse Images Unit, while under close political and media pressure.

Peter holds a Master’s degree in Criminology from the University of Leuven (Belgium).  He has been a teacher at the Benelux University and has been working within the Dutch police since 1984.