Pushpendra Kumar Gupta



Pushpendra Kumar Gupta, Senior Director, Specialty Pre-sales and Pre-sales Strategy, Asia Pacific and Japan for EMC

Pushpendra Kumar “P.K.” Gupta has over 31 years of experience in the IT Industry.  P.K. received a B. E. in Computer Science in 1985 from MNREC, PGDM from AIMA.  Currently, P.K. is Senior Director, Specialty Pre-sales and Pre-sales Strategy, Asia Pacific and Japan for EMC.  In this role, PK is responsible for pre-sales, strategy and operations. P.K. has been with EMC since May 1997, earlier roles being Director Product Marketing, Product Management and Director of Engineering.

Prior to EMC, P.K. worked at River Run Software Group for more than 7 years.  At River Run, P.K. was mainly responsible for management of various projects related to LAN management, network management, storage management and mobile computing.  Before that, P.K. spent 5 years managingvarious on-site projects in the areas of LAN and network management as well as systems management for IBM and Motorola in US. Prior, P.K. worked forUptron Control Systems, Software R&D division on real-time systems.

P.K. was a visiting professor in India for the last 20 years in various institutions such as Amity Business School, AIMA, IMT, IEC and JIMS.  Also P.K. is also on international advisory boards in a few Indian, Singapore and Malaysian universities.   P.K. writes technical and management articles in various international magazines; and he is an international speaker on storage management, cloud, big data, disaster recovery, IoT, Data protection & Privacy regulations and cyber security.  He is avid reader of technical and management books.  He is also Chairman for SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) South Asia and also the founder and Chairman Emeritus of SNIA India.  P.K. was awarded the 2012 SNIA Industry Impact Award by SNIA US and 2013 APJ EMC President Leadership Award. Recently, induced into EMC DPS Hall of Fame in May 2015.