Sanjay D’humieres



Sanjay D’humières, Founder & Managing Director, TVSOCIALITE

Having worked at the BBC in Marketing and Audiences, Sanjay has over five years experience in the fields of Audience Engagement and SocialTV. Previously at FremantleMedia, as a Researcher for its Worldwide Entertainment department, assessing the impact of SocialTV on talent shows such as X Factor and The Voice and how Social TV could drive audience growth on ageing formats. In 2010/11 Sanjay worked at BBC Children’s in view of the department’s move from London to Salford. As part of his MA Media Management research dissertation, he was asked to assess if low staff morale within a creative organisation could have an impact on the quality of its output.

Sanjay is a regular lecturer at the University of Huddersfield where he teaches on Digital Media Cultures and SocialTV. He holds a Postgraduate degree in Media Management from the University of Westminster in London, UK.

Feel free to contact Sanjay in either English, French or Italian.