Desiree Miloshevic


Desiree Zeljka Miloshevic, Senior International Affairs and Policy Adviser at Afilias

Desiree Zeljka Miloshevic is Internet public servant. She is Senior International Affairs and Policy Adviser at Afilias, a global leader in domain name registry services and back-end registry operator for Indian top-level-domain .IN.

Desiree served as Special Advisor to the Chair of the UN Internet Governance Forum Advisory Group (2006-2009) and as a Trustee of the Board of the Internet Society (2004-2010; 2013-present). She has been participating in the work of several ICANN constituencies since 1999 and served as ICANN At-large, EURALO Board.  In 2014, she founded Descon, an annual IoT security hackathon in South East Europe. 

Her two decades of close and productive interactions with regulators, intergovernmental leaders, academics, artists, and community activists throughout the world provide her with a unique set of resources with which to engage the often complex, cross-sectoral challenges of Internet technical coordination and governance.

She studied English Literature at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. She holds MA in Contemporary Diplomacy at University of Malta and has been a Visiting Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute in 2008 and 2011. She has lived in London since 1991.