Gaurav Gupta


Dr. Gaurav Gupta

Joint Director / Scientist ‘D’ at Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India

Gaurav has completed his Ph.D.on the topic ‘Study On Digital Forensics For Detection Of Computer Frauds And Cyber Crimes’ in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 2009.

Gaurav has more than 7 years of advisory and research experience which includes research & advisory experience in the field of Digital Forensic/ IT Advisory. He has carried out research on developing scalable and efficient solutions for “Detection Of Computer Frauds And Cyber Crimes”. His research interests include Digital Forensics including Computer Forensic for tackling Computer Frauds and Cyber Crimes, Admissible end to end digital forensic investigation of incidences, enhancing existing forensic tools, Information Security, Electronic discovery, extracting admissible digital evidence, Date and Time Stamp Authentication, Steganography, Digitized Document Fraud Detection, and Developing enhanced Digital Forensic Principles.

He has experience in the field of Digital/ Computer Forensic Investigation, Information security, Business Process Controls, SoX, SAS 70, Vendor Audit, ERP Projects Advisory, Oracle Financials, ERP Post Implementation reviews, IS audits, General IT Controls, External audits, Internal audits, Due diligence audits & allied services.

Prior to joining KPMG, Gaurav has worked with Directorate of Forensic Science, Hyderabad. Gaurav was responsible for identifying and developing methodologies/solutions for key issues facing digital forensics to investigate computer frauds and cyber crimes and developed conceptual/prototype solutions for investigations of technological crimes admissible in the Court of Law.

Specialties: Application of Digital forensics for commercial usage 
Detection, Prevention & Investigation of Computer Frauds and Cyber Crimes 
Information Security