Dr. Gulshan Rai


gulshan rai

Dr. Gulshan Rai Director General, CERT-In

Dr. Gulshan Rai has over 25 years of experience in different areas of Information Technology which include Cyber Security, e-Governance, Legal Framework and the Information Technology Act for e-commerce, and several related fields. At present, he is Director General, CERT-In (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) and Group Coordinator of E-Security and Cyber Law Division in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Prior to this he was Executive Director, ERNET India for over 7 years and he was instrumental in setting up of the first large scale education and research network in close collaboration with the leading educational and research institutions in the country.

Dr. Rai has been working since 1998 in the area of evolving legal framework to address issues arising out of cyberspace. His sustained efforts in the area has resulted in second Technology Legislation in the History of India i.e. Information Technology Act and recent amendments in the Act.

Dr. Rai is particularly focused on developing security capabilities in the country through increased security education programs. He has initiated several programs in this area with industry and educational institutions. He has enhanced the security of government infrastructure through an effective security framework that prescribes standards, and audits by a panel of independent auditors.

Dr Rai holds a doctoral degree and M.Tech., and has published several papers, and reports on e-commerce, cyber security, cyber laws, education and networking and has presented the same in several national and international conferences.