International Conference on

Cyberlaw, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity

Tackling Today’s Emerging Regulatory Frontiers- Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things & Blockchain

20th, 21st & 22nd November, 2019

New Delhi, India

Session 1

Cyberlaw 2019 & Beyond

Session 2

Cyber Security – Emerging Threats, New Breaches and Potential Future

Session 3

Regulation of Cyber Security – Emerging National Legislations

Session 4

International Cooperation on Cyber Security & Cyberspace Matters

Session 5

Regulating Encryption – Building on Australian Experience

Session 6

Cyber Security & Darknet

Session 7

Crypto Assets Regulation

Session 8

Crypto Currencies, Cybercrime & Regulation

Session 9

New Emerging Trends of Cybercrimes

Session 10

International Initiatives & National Approaches on Regulating Cybercrimes

Session 11

Attribution of Cyber Acts – The Progress So Far And The Challenges Ahead

Session 12

Critical Information Infrastructure Under Attacks – Challenges & Approaches

Session 13

Emerging Trends on Cyber Sovereignty

Session 14

Regulating Artificial Intelligence – The Progress So Far And The Challenges Ahead

Session 15

Artificial Intelligence, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity Breaches

Session 16

Liability In Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

Session 17

Internet of Things Regulation – Challenges & Opportunities

Session 18

Internet of Things & Cyber Security Breaches – Opening Up of a Pandora’s Box

Session 19

Blockchain in Banking, Finance Services & Insurance (BFSI) Sector – Achievements, Challenges & Potential

Session 20

Varied Applications of Blockchain & Their Potential Impact on Cyber Society

Session 21

Norms of Behaviour in Cyberspace – Developments So Far

Session 22

Fake News – A Real Threat to Cyber Society or A Passing Fad?

Session 23

Quantum Computing & Privacy – The Progress So Far & Challenges Ahead for Cybercrimes & Cyber Security

Session 24

Ramifications of Big Data Analytics for Cyber Ecosystem

Session 25

Jurisdictional Puzzle In Cyberspace

Session 26

International Cyber Cooperation Mechanisms and Bilateral Agreements

Session 27

Cyber Resilience& Cyber Stability – Relevance & Topicality

Session 28

Cyber Peace & Cyber War – Two Sides of the Same Coin

Session 29

Growing Menace of Darknet – Need for Regulation

Session 30

Challenges before Law Enforcement Agencies in Obtaining Cybercrime Convictions – Experiences Around the World

Session 31

Machine Learning –Progress So Far & Way Ahead

Session 32

Cyber Disaster Management

Session 33

Protecting Online Reputation

Session 34

Social Media Misuse And Abuse

Session 35

Cybercrime Capacity Building

Session 36

Cyber Security & Outer Space – Need for Regulation

Session 37

Role of Industry & Public-Private-Partnership In Creating An Orderly Cyber Society

Session 38

Cyber Citizenship

Session 39

Is International Law Really Applicable To Cyberspace?

Session 40

Intermediaries & Data Repositories And Their Role in Developing Cyber Society & Cyber Norms

Session 41

Freedom of Speech Online – How Far, How Real?

Session 42

Fighting to Preserve Privacy Online

Session 43

GDPR & Data Protection Regulations Post GDPR in Different Countries – Implementation & Impact

Session 44

Cyber Security Safe Harbour For Companies in Insurance Sector

Session 45

Cyber Bullying, Cyber Nuisance & Cyber Harassment in New Age Internet

Session 46

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace – A Constant Challenge

Session 47

Cyber Education, Cyber Hygiene & Cyber Etiquettes – New Age Requirement

Session 48

Digital Identity, Its Preservation and Challenges Cyber Terrorism & Cyber Radicalization – Is Threat Over or Do We need to Prepare To Face the Same?

Session 49

Balkanization of the Internet & Current Challenges

Session 50

Regulating and preventing Cyber Fraud & Financial Losses in Cyberspace

Session 51

Interception, Snooping & Monitoring – the New Age Governance Tools

Session 52

Cyber Ethics in Today’s Cyberspace

Session 53

Protecting Children & Women in Cyberspace – The Building Blocks of the Net Generation Internet

Session 54

Self Regulation and International Best Practices concerning Cyberspace- Relevance and Impact

Session 55

Emerging Challenges in Cyberspace And The Way Forward