Thematic Workshop on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity

The Thematic Workshop entitled “Cyberlaw, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity” aims to examine the current developments in the area of Cyberlaw, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity as well as connected legal and policy issues during the Coronavirus times. With increasing cybercrimes and growing cyber security breaches, more and more countries are increasingly coming up with new cyber security legislations and policies which have a direct impact upon all stakeholders. The advent of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchains and increasing cyber security breaches means that various legal, policy and regulatory concerning the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchains need to be appropriately addressed.

This Thematic Workshop will also look at the emerging global trends in the context of Cyberlaw, Cybercrime, Cyber Security and Cyber Security Law and what further needs to be done to strengthen the cyber ecosystem.

In this Thematic Workshop, the main objective would be to create more awareness amongst different stakeholders about the emerging developments that have taken place, ever since COVID-19 in the digital and electronic ecosystem.

Further, it has been noticed that Covid-19 has brought forward distinctive new challenges, which have tremendous impact on all human activities and endeavours.

Cyberspace has distinctly been impacted due to the advent of Coronavirus.  Further, with organizations and companies increasingly forced to adopt Work From Home as a default option, they are beginning to face legal problems and challenges.

With more than a billion people having been forced to be in homes during National Lockdowns, Coronavirus age has got diverse responses from different governments across the world.

Different legal provisions have been made in different parts of the world. These increasing new developments in Coronavirus age indicates the advent of a changing World Order.

The present Workshop would also discuss about the irreversible changes that are happening in the COVID-19 times in the context of Cyberlaw, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity.

More information about the Thematic Workshop is available at https://www.itu.int/net4/wsis/forum/2020/Agenda/Session/121.

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