Speakers – ICCC 2019

Yoko Nitta, Senior Fellow, Japan Society for Security and Crisis Management, Tokyo, Japan

Yoko Nitta analyzes global security landscape of cyber related issues, information warfare and presides over Russian and Intelligence working groups and gives briefings on Russian information operation (information warfare, hybrid warfare, cyber espionage, media manipulation, etc.) regularly.

Ms. Nitta has been a security adviser to governmental institutes and a member of the Society for Promotion of Japanese Diplomacy, The Japan Forum on International Relations, JIIA, JETRO, etc.

She has an experience for giving lectures on strategy of cyber warfare at intensive course at National Defense Academy.

Her papers and articles on analyzing Japanese cyber security strategy, cyber power of Russia, China, North Korea as well as on global security landscape are published overseas (Germany, France, United States and UK) widely read and quoted as well as posted frequently on Japanese newspapers.

She frequently advises her analysis on information warfare to many countries including NATO, US as well as allies.

Ms. Nitta is an invited speaker at various international conferences including round table, i.e. Digital Society Conference 2017 as well as in 2018 in Berlin, CyFy2017 and 2018 conference in New Delhi (2017), Cyfy, NATO Asia -Pacific workshop in Hong Kong (2017), 5th Potsdam Conference on National Cybersecurity in Berlin (2017), cyber military stabilization in Boston (March 2018), in Paris (December 2018), Japan and Asia cooperation in Taipei ( December 2018).

Also she plays a role as a moderator for many global international security conferences.