Speakers – ICCC 2018

Dr. Rakesh Mohan Sharma, Professor, Punjabi University

Dr. Rakesh Mohan Sharma, Professor of Forensic Science, Tech.Advisor, Sophisticated Instruments Center & Former Chair, Department of Forensic Science, Punjabi University, Patiala, India, holds M.Sc. and PhD degrees in Forensic Science. Dr. Sharma has been inducted Member of Explosives Standards Working Group of US Department of Home Land Security. His research interests include characterization of drugs, explosives and allied substances, beside this Dr.Sharma worked in multidimensional complex science involved in determining whether a suspect’s voice truly matches forensic speech samples, collected by law enforcement and counter-terrorism agencies, which are associated with the commission of a terrorist act or other crimes.

Prof. Sharma has eight PhDs to his credit. Prof.Sharma has recently been nominated Member, Forensic Questioned Document Examiners Regulatory Authority, Department of Home, Govt of Punjab. . He has visited Central Laboratory of Police Prefecture, Ministry of Interior, France, Paris. Prof. Sharma has been invited by the Australian Federal Police to speak on “Countering IED”, at Australian Bomb Data Center, Annual Conference, (17-19 November 2010) Canberra, Australia. “. Dr. Sharma Visited National Center of Forensic Studies, Chemical Security Risk Assessment Unit, Attorney Generals Department and National Forensic and Data Center at Canberra and Scene of Crime Branch and Bomb disposal Unit of NSW Police Force, Sydney, Australia and deliberated and discussed about the advancement of Forensic Science. Prof. Sharma has been active in advancing Forensic Science as a tool against Terrorism.