Speakers – ICCC 2018

Sarah Jane Fox, Professor and Researcher at Middlesex University in London 

Sarah Jane Fox began her career in Law Enforcement. She holds a PhD in law whereby her research related to cross border enforcement and the implications (challenges) of the movement of people across set boundaries into other jurisdictions. In 2015-16 Sarah was awarded the distinguished Fulbright Commission post-doctoral research scholarship, which was also co-supported by Lloyd’s of London. Her research professorship, in the USA, related to threats and risks to critical national infrastructures, in particular, her focus related to transport modes and systems. Sarah’s current research relates to policing in a new technological age, security and terrorism risk factors and the lack of governance and coordination to adequately prevent, protect, pursue and respond in today’s modern (cyber) world. Sarah’s research also reasons in conflicts and paradoxes – for example, between ‘human rights and security,’ and ‘opportunities and challenges’, where, on the one hand, there remains, through the cyberspace, the opportunity to collaborate and coordinate in law enforcement with relative ease, yet, on the other hand, there remains limitation set by man-made boundaries.

Sarah has worked as a consultant and adviser to a number of government departments and advisory boards relating to policing, transport and security (both in the UK and across Europe). Sarah is currently a professor and researcher at Middlesex University in London in the UK and is a member to a number of law enforcement bodies, she also sits as a Trustee on the Lloyd’s Tercentenary Research Foundation Board (as of 2017).